Seasons come and seasons go, but will your car go?

By trade I am an automobile technician and I like everyone else has to maintain my vehicles. Can you jump into your car and drive it to safety? If you have a bug out location 50, 100 or whatever miles away, can you rely on that vehicle?

Making sure the basics are up to par is not only a safety issue, but a reliability factor. Most of us know how to change a flat, if not, learn ASAP.  Know how to check the fluids, belts, hoses and tires. There are many systems in todays modern vehicles, but the basics are still used in most today.

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Be safe and get there alive.



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Back To Basics…

In today’s world we all have those new fangled devices to make our life easier. For instance how about an electric can opener.

What happens if you lose power in your area and you have stock piled canned goods for this type of event? Well even though there are many ways to open a can of beans, why not be prepared and have a manual can opener on hand. The point is you need to look around to what you use on a daily basis and evaluate if the grid goes down will you have what you need.

This may sound simple, but I would guess we all have some things we need to change or add to our preps.

Just the other day the wife wanted to light some candles and so I went to get that long butane lighter that would reach down into the jar….well guess what, no lighter. I ended up using matches we use to light fireplace. Turns out we used up the last lighter and never replaced it. Normally we have several of these around. Time to go to Wally World and make a deposit.

MAKE A LIST                                                                                                                                                                                                 EVALUATE YOUR SUPPLIES                                                                                                                                                                     MAKE THE NECESSARY ADJUSTMENTS                                                                                                                                               LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT

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A lot of truth in these words.

Justice with Judge Jeanine | Fox News.

Pessimistic…I Think NOT

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   Some people think prepping is a bad word. Some people say prepping is for the guy (or gal) who always looks for the bad in everything.

   I respectfully disagree. I believe Ben Franklin said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  This in itself probably hits home with

a majority of people who prep. It doesn’t matter what your preparing for, being prepared for whatever comes your way is just one way of

showing you are a responsible individual. The ability to take care of yourself (and family) and not rely on “the man” is a positive. The ability

to look forward and plan accordingly is an asset.

  I currently live in North Carolina and the weather forecast is calling for snow and ice with a good possibility of losing power. Well, never

fear I am prepared for whatever mother nature decides to throw my way….

                                                                                                                        ….I hope you are too.



Emergency Notebook

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Plan to Prepare

When you ask yourself “Am I prepared?” often you’re thinking about food, water, shelter, etc, but what about important documents?  Some of us have safes that are fire-resistant to a certain temperature for a specified duration of time and we keep our valuable documents (birth certificates, financial paperwork, etc) in.  In an emergency situation that would impact the power grid or would otherwise cause you to have to leave your house, do you have the means to take that safe with you?

Well in the event I couldn’t take a safe with me if I needed to leave, I have prepared myself an “emergency notebook” that is light, water resistant, and easily accessible.  It was very simple to put together, the hardest part was just sitting down and compiling all of the information.

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