Basics…H2O for preppers

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Uncategorized
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English: Water fountain found in a small Swiss...

English: Water fountain found in a small Swiss village. They are used as a drinking water source for people and cattle. Almost every Alpine village has such a water source. Français : Une fontaine dans un petit village suisse. Ces fontaines sont comme point d’eau, par les gens comme par le bétail. On en trouve dans tous les villages des Alpes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You can’t live long without it, we all know this. One of the first preps one should know how to acquire, store and treat for drinking. There are plenty of videos on youtube describing the different ways to achieve this.

Check out “Engineer775” on youtube, he has some great ideas and is actually an engineer!    Copy and paste this link.          

He also is part of a website called  Lots of great info found here.

Here is a link to some info that may be helpful.        water treatment solutions

I use a rain water catchment system that is homemade. Once I have the water stored I add 3 drops of unscented bleach per gallon to kill bacteria. Before drinking I will still run through a purification system.  I recommend you research this purification method for yourself.  Check out ‘” is one source.  However you purify your water, make sure its safe to drink.

someday fresh water will be more valuable than gold….


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