You only thought you were nuts, now our Government can prove 50% of Americans are in fact “Mentally Ill”

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

whatever you do…don’t get sick..

Natural Conservatism & Common Sense


Ya, you can’t make this stuff up.Β  But if you can read the writing on the wall, tell which way the wind blows and care to watch what is going on around you this is no surprise.Β  It fits in perfectly with the Cass Sunstein nudge and then a push and finally a shove, ever wonder just why the IRS was put in charge of a health care system?Β  In no other country in the world has a state revenue collection agency in charge of health care, why here?Β  Because it solves a lot of problems for the Progressives finalizing the finishing touches to a full Socialist society.

Not sure why I am posting this, heck or even how to.Β  Problem is if you don’t really follow what is going on then this post is pretty much going to be meaningless at worst or just another crazy thing at best. …

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