R U Ready? How About Your Vehicle? (EDITED)

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Seasons come and seasons go, but will your car go?

By trade I am an automobile technician and I like everyone else has to maintain my vehicles. Can you jump into your car and drive it to safety? If you have a bug out location 50, 100 or whatever miles away, can you rely on that vehicle?

Making sure the basics are up to par is not only a safety issue, but a reliability factor. Most of us know how to change a flat, if not, learn ASAP. Β Know how to check the fluids, belts, hoses and tires. There are many systems in todays modern vehicles, but the basics are still used in most today.

Check out my blog Β – Β How to talk to your mechanic – Follow link Β https://autodoc64.wordpress.com

Be safe and get there alive.


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